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What is dental implant?
Nowadays Implant is the closest choice to natural teeth.It provides better speaking and chewing function than prosthesis and dent. Implant gives natural outlook to your face.

Dental Implants are structures inserting in tooth and aiming to replace tooth. Titanium is a material that comply with biological system after entering the body. When pure titanium surface roughens up via hidrocsiapetit ve triacalcium phosphat spray process, surface is extended and bone- tissue healing are upgraded.

Today it is understood that implant is a treatment working hard on. Implant is a treatment giving successful results in terms of both patients and dentists by means of true diagnosis, enough knowledge, experience and instruments.

In short implant is an artificial tooth root done by convenient material and placed in jaw bone and aims to provide esthetics and functions of missing tooth.
Can every patient be implemented?

Implant screws have significant thickness and width. That’s why jaw bone must be convenient thickness and width to place screw. Bone quality is another factor for successful implant implementation. However gingiva must be healthy before implant and duration of ımplant usage.Whether patient is healthy generally,there is no upper age limit.

How is implant implemented to the patients?
Place of implant is incised namely gingiva is opened up and reached the bone. Notching is applied determined calibre and length in bone.Implant is placed via screwing method. gingiva is covered up,suturing gingiva and cleaning up the mouth.
Can implant be implemented just after tooth extraction?

Implant can be implemented just after tooth extraction or in a few days.there is no need to wait for healing in place of tooth extraction. If there is an infection in place of tooth extraction or cystic formation, healing duration is 3 or 6 weeks and implant can be implemented.

Have you got an ache while implementing implant?
If convenient anesthesia method is applied No. During operation genaral or local anesthesia method is applied according to patient’s demand. First day of implant is implemented, painkillers can be given. Most of patients said that pain of implant is similar to pain of tooth extraction. If treatment ends without problem, you are relax as if there is no implant in your mouth.
Can prosthesis be used just after implementing implant?
No. Because to provide linking bone and implant, during healing period (first 3-6 months) put no much stress on implant.

How is prosthesis implemented over the implant?

Prosthesis changes to patient to patient. Namely implant can be replaced by patient or help of dentists. Both usage have advantages and disadvantages.Convenient treatment for you will be expained by dentist.

What are the advantages of implant treatment to which cases?
  • Patients have prosthesis losing their teeth wholly in lower jaw: Patients generally complaints pain and in adequate chewing related to movement of prosthesis. In time this complaints increases with bone resorption. Implant treatment for this type of patients heals patients’complaints and bone resorption.
  • Patients have prosthesis losing their teeth wholly in upper jaw: Even if upper prosthesis is more stabile than low jaw teeth design of prosthesis as palate closed leads to lack of taste and nausea.
  • Patients have prosthesis losing a part of their teeth in upper or lower jaw:Patients complaints are bad look of prosthesis grappling to gingiva, cutting teeth for dent.
  • Patients have prosthesis losing one tooth:These patients must lose atleast two adjacent teeth for one tooth. Placing one implant saves adjacent teeth and leads to better functional results.
What are the advantages of implant treatment?
  • Better chewing and eating whatever you want
  • Better esthetic look
  • Gaining self confidence and better social life
  • Healthy and balanced nutrition.
How long can implant be used?
It depends on patient health good care for implant. As a result implant can be used lifelong. Dyna implants are used in 77 countries and have lifelong guarantee.
I’ve been been getting dental comfort by Dyna Dental products via my dentist. So how can i get sure as a patient to get lifetime guarantee of Dyna Dental?

Yes, you can be sure. As a result of R&D studies of Dyna Dental we have very diversified distributors all over the world. So as a patient of Dyna Dental, you will be owner of Dyna Dental Implant Passport which will make owners able to get advantages of our high quality standards – whenever and wherever they go controlling.

I’ve never been experienced impant operation but my dentist suggests to do. May i get a patient form to get informed about it?
Yes, you can ofcourse get.

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